Keep active while at home!

Keep yourself active at home with online personal training. Exercise boosts your immune system, helps you cope with stress, keeps you healthy, and just leaves you feeling great!

Kids home from school? Have them join you!
It’s important for kids to stay active too now that they aren’t having recess and gym. Plus, with all that extra time on their hands, it makes it more enticing to go on screens!

No equipment? No problem!
I will design your program using the equipment you have available, even if you don’t have any equipment. If you would like to purchase equipment, I could help you choose the right ones.

Online Video Sessions

Use your laptop, tablet, or phone to attend Personal Training Sessions. We will use a video chat app to hold real-time training sessions, right from the comfort of your home!

$45 per session

4-Week Exercise Plan

I will design a personalized 4-week exercise program for you to do on your own. Contact me any time during your program for support.

$225 for 4 weeks