Corrective Exercise

Movement Prep: Posture Correction

Our bodies are designed to absorb stress from movement and gravity in a way that would not put too much stress on one given part of it. This keeps the body moving optimally and pain/injury free.

Muscles that are weak or tight pull everything (such as bones and joints) out of alignment. An Alignment Assessment is performed to identify these movement compensations and learn which muscles are causing problems or have the potential to cause pain or injury if not addressed. This information is then used to make a Corrective Exercise Program that’ll get the body moving the way it was designed to.

How do you stand? Schedule your assessment to find out!

Prehab Training

If you are scheduled for surgery then prehab training could help you get in shape so that your recovery could possibly be faster and easier.

Post-Rehab Training

If you have already suffered an injury or had a surgery that required you to be under the care of a Physical Therapist for recovery then I will take over where they left off to help you completely recover, allowing you to get back to your daily activities pain-free and with a reduced risk of reinjuring yourself.