It’s no secret that regular exercise and being active has tremendous benefits. Some of these benefits are an increase in concentration, self-esteem, confidence and a better night’s sleep. Exercise improves body image – something our kids are challenged with on a daily basis. Group exercise also gives kids a chance to socialize without a screen in the way! The list of benefits goes on and on. That’s why I came up with KidFit, a fun way to get kids exercising without them realizing!

KidFit (ages 5 to 12)

KidFit exercise sessions are mainly in the form of obstacle courses. They are fun and competitive. Kids continue to exercise for the recommended duration without realizing – improving their overall fitness.

Kids aged 8 to 12 have an option to participate in an Introduction to Weight Training class. In this class, they learn the proper form for basic weight bearing exercises.

Optional: Each session will conclude with a short talk explaining the different names of Allah and how we could apply them to our lives.

KidFit – Tots (ages 2 to 5)

Each session consists of 45 mins of structured age-appropriate exercises, activities and games. Mothers are encouraged to participate by providing assistance to their child where needed to facilitate success. Following, there is the option of free play for the tots (to encourage cognitive, social, and emotional development) and an open talk for mothers to share ideas and discuss current interests.

Toddlers/preschoolers who participate in structured exercise at this age show improved motor skills, coordination, listening skills, spatial awareness, directionality, and social skills.

Bring KidFit to you!

If you would like to hold a special KidFit event at your location please contact us to reserve your time-slot! You could schedule a one-time event, vacation day fitness camp, or weekly classes. We would bring all the materials needed to give the kids a fun and effective workout.

Homeschoolers! This could be a great option for your co-op! Contact me to get started!