Training Options

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Corrective Exercise Programs

Join science-based exercise classes that’ll help get your body aligned, strong and ready to conquer the day! Each small group personal training program is designed to target those with similar concerns. They are tweaked to provide each individual with modifications they may need to reach their goals safely.

Available Corrective Exercise Programs:

  • Tech Neck
  • Oh my aching knees!
  • Movement Prep
  • Foam Rolling 101
Private Personal Training
one-on-on sessions

Meet with me to complete your personal training sessions, one-on-one.

  • Half Hour: $45
  • Extra 15 minutes: $20
small group sessions

Gather a group of friends for small group training.

  • Half Hour: $35 per person
  • Extra 15 minutes: $10 per person
Fitness Assessment
Cardio Intensity Level Assessment

Not all cardio is created equally! Learn which cardio intensity training zone is appropriate for your current cardio fitness level. Training in the right zone will lead to improvements in cardiorespiratory health. Use this assessment regularly to track progress in cardiorespiratory fitness.

Cost: $45

Posture Alignment Assessment

Correct your posture before adding the additional stress of exercise to it. Our bodies already absorb the stress of gravity, adding exercise may lead to pain, injury, or make your posture worse. A posture training program could be used alongside your regular exercise program.

Cost: $65

Home Gym Setup
Let’s set up your home gym!

What could be more convenient than a gym at home?

Having fitness equipment at home eliminates the obstacles that keep us from working out regularly. Save time without having to commute. Don’t worry about what to wear. Exercise any time of the day, any day regardless of the weather and gym closings. You could even break up your workout by using your fitness studio a couple times a day for short bouts of exercise.

But having a fitness studio will not be helpful unless it has what you need in it. Let me help you choose the right equipment for your fitness level, goal, and interests. Small space? No problem. There is equipment that’ll give you a great workout while maximizing the space you have available.

Cost: $75