Pre/Post Rehab

Pre Rehabilitation

Is your Physician saying you need a surgery? Ask them if a Pre-Rehabilitation Exercise program could help! It has been shown to reduce recovery time in many cases. It could possibly help you too! And when you do have your surgery and have been cleared by your physician, come back for post rehabilitation to get you back to moving they way your body knows to best!

Post Rehabilitation

If you have suffered an injury or had a surgery, your doctor may prescribe Physical Therapy or rehabilitation to help you recover. Because of the current healthcare system, you might not get all the Physical Therapy sessions that you need for a full recovery. This is where Post-Rehabilitation with me comes in!

When you are discharged from Physical Therapy or completed your medically supervised rehabilitation and have been cleared by your physician, I will take over and develop a structured approach to exercise to strengthen and realign the entire body for a complete recovery. Get back to performing your daily activities and regular fitness program with confidence!