Proper alignment

When your body is properly stacked, forces placed on it are distributed throughout your body in a way that won’t put too much pressure on a single joint. This keeps the body moving optimally and pain/injury free.

An example would be the strain on your neck muscles from looking down on your phone for an extended period of time. The image above shows how much extra weight is carried because of it. Please note that this is not just from looking at your phone but any activity that requires you to look down in a similar manner, such as using a computer or reading a book.

Muscles that are weak or tight pull joints out of alignment. You’ll see this in the form of bad posture or incorrect movement patterns. This could happen from an injury, pain, not exercising your muscles equally, the way you sleep, a sport you play, or just performing tasks with improper movement patterns. You may not even realize your posture has shifted unless it is brought to your attention, you experience pain – or worse, you get injured. So the new “bad” posture will become your new normal posture and you will not feel the difference.
Posture Correction begins with a Movement Assessment to identify compensations and learn which muscles are causing problems or have the potential to cause pain or injury if not addressed. It is recommended that you have a Movement Assessment regularly to make sure your body continues to move optimally.
How do you stand?

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We have been given a wonderful gift in the human body. Take care of it.”