Retrain. Rebuild. Be Active.

Because fitness is an exciting, life-long journey. Sometimes we have a setback and that’s ok. It could happen from injury, illness, or repetitive improper movement. But it doesn’t have to end there!

What does it take?


It is important to train for balance and knowing where your body is in space. There is a large neurological component to core stability. Stability is more reflexive in nature than it is brute strength. If you balance on one foot, your brain is sending small corrections to the muscles depending on where it is in space to keep you balanced. In order to protect the joints and discs in the spine, the brain has to recognize where it is in space, understand when the spine is approaching its end limits before stress is placed on ligaments, joints, or discs. Movement retraining helps rebuild those neurological pathways that will help sensitize and train the muscles to kick in before other structures get impacted.
Correct faulty movement patterns
All of our muscles have a specific job for which they are designed. Unfortunately, with illness, injury, or just moving incorrectly for a while, many other muscles try to assist whether they were designed to or not because they are programmed to just get the job done. We need to retrain these muscles to do their primary job and have them focus on only that.


Fix muscular imbalances
Muscle compensation from faulty movement patterns could result in muscle imbalance. It leads to limited mobility, bad posture, pain or injury.

Core Stability
All movement originates from the core. Because of that, it needs to be strong so it could complete the movement correctly and without causing problems such as neck pain, back pain or knee pain.
Cardiorespiratory fitness
An often neglected part of rebuilding is getting your heart back to fitness. Cardiorespiratory Training will get you breathing better. Important stuff. Just like with other types of exercise, it has to be progressive. Start at the level you’re able to, even if it’s just breathing exercises, and progress or even regress as needed.

Be Active.

Go on your adventure.
Safely go hiking, biking, or kayaking. Have a great time!

Participate in that high intensity fitness class.
Take your CrossFit, Tabata, or HIIT class knowing your body has learned correct movement patterns and is ready to participate without the fear of injury.
Be confident that your body will perform because now you are ready.

You earned it.

Nice to meet you!

I am Fatmah, a Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years. I founded OOMIE Fitness – a Personal Training Studio for Women – back in 2005 when I got tired of sitting so much because of my tech career! My career change led me to earn a Personal Training Certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to get my butt and yours up and moving!

Since then, I have also earned a Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which I keep current, as well as specialty certificates in Corrective Exercise from NASM and TBMM. My passion led me to focus on Core Training for optimal functional movement and corrective exercise techniques. After all, the core is, well, the core of all movement. Make it strong and stable.

Rebuild your foundation!

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“We have been given a wonderful gift in the human body. Take care of it.”