Program: Core Training

Realign your body to achieve good posture and retrain your brain to move your body the way it was intended to. To do that, we will start with a complementary Movement Assessment to learn your body’s particular needs and adjust your sessions accordingly.

Training Goals:

  • Correct your posture
  • Correct faulty movement patterns
  • Gain Core Stability
  • Increase strength and endurance

We meet 2x per week for 6 weeks for a total of 12 VIRTUAL Small Group Personal Training Sessions. Min 5 participants, max 7.


Why Virtual?

  • Don’t have to spend extra time driving
  • Wear whatever you want
  • Have kids? Don’t have to worry about childcare
  • Just be in the comfort of your home
  • Don’t have to worry about others who may have COVID

START: May 10, 2022
END: June 16, 2022
Frequency: Tuesdays and Thursdays
TIME: (choose one)
Mornings: 10 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
Evenings: 7:30 PM – 8 PM EDT

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