Back to Active Series

Small Group Personal Training

-for Ladies

It’s not just exercise, it’s movement training.

The Back to Active Series addresses what we commonly experience throughout life: bad posture, unstable core, aches and pains that just don’t go away, and cardiorespiratory endurance that could use a little improvement. Back to Active programs start with Posture, Movement, and Flexibility Assessments to check your foundation and find areas where bad movement patterns are currently causing problems or have the potential to. Then we fix them using science backed methods.

Back to Active

– Posture Correction & Core Stability –

Retrain your brain and Rebuild your muscles to get your body moving the way it was designed to. Eliminate muscle imbalances to realign your body and stabilize your core.

Best for:

posture correction

core stability

improved mobility and flexibility

rounded shoulders

forward head

pelvic tilt

frequent tripping/sprained ankle

Small Group Personal Training Program


6 weeks, 12 virtual sessions

Seat to Peak

– go from walking to trail running –

8 week Progressive Trail Running Program – for beginners

Not a runner? No problem. Not even a walker? No problem. This progressive training program is for ladies who are completely out of shape and huff and puff just thinking of running!


1 weekly group hike

1 weekly group exercise class

cardio endurance fitness assessments

cardio endurance training

learn to use your heart rate training zones

build stamina

individualized program to do when we don’t meet

Small Group Personal Training Program


for 8 weeks, 8 sessions

Assisted Stretching

– coming soon –

How does Small Group Personal Training work?

1- Consultation & Assessment

First will be your consultation. This is when we will discuss your health and exercise history. Then, you will complete your Fitness Assessment to see which muscles are causing compensations and need to be addressed. This information is important because it’s what makes your exercise program personal and effective.

2- Customized Program Design

I will use the information from your consultation and assessment to design your customized exercise program. I’ll make sure you perform your exercises with proper form and change them out if they become inefficient.

3- Get back to active!

After completing your customized exercise program you’ll be back to tackling your adventures – good as new.

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We have been given a wonderful gift in the human body. Take care of it.”